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1. How do you find this activity-easy, average or difficult? Why?

-While I making this activity i find a little bit hard but easy.

2. What are the knowledge and skills that you have learned during and after working with this activity?

-I’ve learned that I need to become patience while typing the tags.


activity no.1

1. How do you find this activity-easy, average or difficult? Why?

– I find this a little bit hard because of the tags,but easy.

2. What are the knowledge and skills that you have learned during and after working with this activity?

– Having a patience while typing tags.


ACT 2: Colored Battletank



1. How do you find this activity? Easy or difficult? Why do you think so?

Average , while I’m working with it I find it hard in connecting the lines (annoyed(-.-) ) but when I’m with the filling, I’m enjoying till I finished the work.

2. What are the skills you acquired during and after working on this activity?

Creativity, Using my creative mind I can finish the activities like this.




1. Why do we need to zoom in and zoom out while working with our drawing object?

To be able to us work at the details properly.

2. What are the different CorelDRAW views? When should we use it?

The different CorelDRAW views are Draft, Normal, Simple Wireframe and Enhanced View. Draft mode displays your drawing in less resolution, it’s convenient to use if you are editing large objects to make it faster. Normal mode displays your drawing in default resolution. Enhanced mode displays your drawing in more resolution. Last, the Simple Wireframe. All of them are used to display drawing in different views, 


3. How did you manage to save your image for the web and what are the steps?

First Click File then Export. The dialog box will appear then choose whree you want to save. Give your work a Filename and choose the file type. Click OK. Finally, your work is done. 



Because I can create my own activity and enhance my skills and I learn more about CorelDRAW.

2. After discussing Lesson 1 to Lesson 3, what is the most important thing that you learned about this application? Why is it most important for you?

For me, the topic that I have learned was about exploring the working area because if you understand this topic you can navigate to the CorelDRAW and to easily know it.


3. What skills do you think you should possess to become successful in this specialization? How are you going to develop it?

To become a successful in this specialization I should focus determination and goals that I must willing to met. I should practice more and read more about this topic.



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